How to tighten the face without surgery

People have been learning to tighten the oval of the face with the help of surgical interventions for a long time. But a non-surgical facelift is a relatively new method. At the same time, it has practically no flaws, and its efficiency is high. In addition, this procedure is available for people with different income levels. In this article, we will tell you in more detail how to tighten the oval of the face without surgery.

Correction of the oval face without surgery: how to do it

The whole secret here is in the thread material. Polydioxanone, firstly, has a fairly high biocompatibility with skin tissue, and therefore will not be rejected. Secondly, after about six months, this substance breaks down into water and carbon dioxide which is safe for our body, which is naturally excreted from the human body.

Correction of facial contours without surgery begins with decontamination of the skin and application of anesthesia. After that, with the help of special thin and sharp needles, mesothreads are introduced. The needle is removed and the thread remains in the skin. The number of threads, as well as their point of introduction, is determined by the doctor and depends on the desired result and the severity of the problem.

By the way, even these six months are not only enough to tighten the oval of the face, but also to form a collagen frame around the threads, which will fix the effect for about two years.

As a rule, the duration of the procedure does not exceed half an hour. At the same time, thanks to the use of anesthesia, the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Facelift with mesothreads: results

facelift with mesothreads

With a non-surgical facelift, you can achieve the following:

  1. Increases skin elasticity and firmness.
  2. Give your face clear and beautiful lines.
  3. Eliminate small wrinkles, and reduce large wrinkles.
  4. Returns skin to a healthy, even tone and relief.

How to prepare for facial contour correction without surgery

But before you go to the procedure of lifting facial contours without surgery, you need to consult a beautician. At the consultation, the doctor will examine the patient's skin and identify contraindications. If they are, of course. In addition, the beautician will tell you how to tighten facial skin without surgery and, most likely, will advise you to undergo a biorevitalization session two weeks before the procedure. This procedure will help prepare the skin for a facelift.

Also, about a month before the correction of the facial contour, chemical peels should be excluded.

facial skin care after surgery

How to care for skin after non-surgical facial contour correction

After the procedure is complete, the doctor will explain how to treat the skin after tightening with mesothreads. As a rule, these are simple recommendations:

  1. In the first two weeks, you should refuse to visit solariums, baths, saunas, beaches.
  2. For the first time after the introduction of mesothreads, it is necessary to use a sunscreen with a high UV protection value.
  3. In the first month, it is necessary to exclude injection cosmetic procedures.

Doctors can also provide individual recommendations.

Now that you know how to tighten your face without surgery, you can sign up for the procedure at the clinic, as well as consult an experienced beautician.