Modern methods of rejuvenation in cosmetology

Not a single woman in this world can accept the fact that sooner or later the place of her youth will be taken by inevitable old age, which will lead to a loss of physical attractiveness. Therefore, in the pursuit of beauty, although not eternal, but durable, women turn to professional cosmetologists and even plastic surgeons. Specialists within the framework of this article will tell you about which methods of rejuvenation are most relevant today. This will help you choose the procedure that is ideal for you.

"beauty shot"

the use of injections to rejuvenate facial skin

The most popular in this category of means for eliminating visible age-related changes in facial skin is the invasive procedure of botulinum therapy. We are talking about Botox injections - a drug with botulinum toxin in the composition. Its job is to temporarily block the moving facial muscles and, as a result, smooth out wrinkles caused by active facial expressions. The period of exposure to such injections is 4-6 months, the effect occurs very quickly. For those who have heard about the negative consequences of this procedure, micro botox can be recommended. This rejuvenating action is performed using the new babybotox, which has a minimal concentration of botulinum toxin. Injections are repeated every 1. 5-2 months. Unlike the classics, the new micro botox allows facial expressions to come alive. Of course, the face itself in the end looks very natural. In addition, the results of injections with a syringe under the skin of this drug delight the client longer than conventional Botox injections.

This is interesting: Botox has analogues - Lantox and Dysport. They are more convenient to use and boast more favorable costs.

Botox- not the only way for subcutaneous administration for rejuvenating purposes. Now cosmetologists are actively using many other effective solutions or substances:

  • blood plasma of the patient, which ensures 100% compatibility and does not give side effects (this procedure is called "plasmolifting");
  • pure hyaluronic acid that smoothes facial skin for a period from three months to a year (such "beauty injections" are nothing more than a technique called invasive biorevitalization);
  • the cocktail, consisting of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides and other components, is selected for each woman individually, depending on the existing age-related skin problems and their severity (the process of their introduction also has its own name - mesotherapy).

The list of anti-aging injection techniques would not be complete without volumetric rejuvenation or softlifting. It is based on the introduction of the same hyaluronic gel into the face area, but the depth can be different, depending on the specific area of the problem area. And the syringe for performing this event of invasive cosmetology is not equipped with the usual one, but with a special needle with a rounded tip that does not injure the capillaries - this helps to avoid the appearance of edema and bruising at the end of the procedure. 3D technology performing "beauty injections" provides an effect comparable to surgical tightening and delights patients for at least two years. Due to the need to have complete knowledge of human facial anatomy, softlifting is the prerogative of plastic surgeons, not beauticians.

Fashionable thread lifting

thread removal procedure for facial skin rejuvenation

This rejuvenation procedure has other names: binder plastic, filing. It belongs to minimally invasive cosmetic techniques. The essence of the thread lift is that threads are inserted under the skin of a woman, which can restore the shape of the face to its shape and strengthen sagging skin. They are made of various types of raw materials: metal, acid, silicon, etc. After all, this is a substance, the work of which in the network occurs without problems. The thread does not cause a person any discomfort - he does not feel these synthetic inserts, which form a rigid framework for the skin of the face. From the outside, it was absolutely impossible to notice them. Also, the advantage of filing is the absence of complications (depending on the age of the client) - there are exceptions, but they are very rare. The results obtained last 3-4 years.

Thread lifting options:

  1. Reinforcement with gold thread. The thickness of the latter does not exceed 0. 1 mm. In response to the introduction of fine gold threads under the skin, the body reacts by increasing the production of collagen and elastin proteins. The skin becomes firmer, elastic and firmer. This condition lasts 5-10 years.
  2. Use of polydioxanone yarn. Polydioxanone is an absorbent polymer. The introduction of threads made from it under the skin is not accompanied by such a negative reaction as inflammation. The breakdown of polydioxanone occurs in 6-8 months, but does not lose its strength during this period. And yes, like gold, polymer threads stimulate collagen synthesis in the dermis.
  3. Rejuvenation with Aptos thread. In this case, we are dealing with Russian inventions. Therefore, the procedure with the use of women costs much less than other types of filing. The suture is made of caprolac, injected under the skin through the puncture. With them, it is easy to forget a few years of old age.
  4. Lifting of the thread lifter silhouette. This is done using a very strong jointed yarn, which is an interweaving of propylene polymer fibers and a cone formed by organic acids (glycolic and polylactic). After about a year, they are completely absorbed and replaced by connective tissue. This procedure guarantees a long-lasting effect from three to six years.

Hardware method

facial skin rejuvenation hardware procedure

They are considered a priority today, as they do not damage the skin, and therefore are painless. At the same time, the effectiveness of many hardware procedures is no worse than procedures that require injections or the use of a scalpel.

A worthy example of such anti-aging activities are:

  • Microcurrent massage

    One of the most modern physiotherapy methods to fight skin aging. It is based on a kind of facial and neck skin treatment with low-frequency electric current generated by electrodes. It is completely safe and causes no discomfort. Micro massage activates blood microcirculation in the dermis and cell metabolism, accelerates cell division, makes facial muscles more elastic, removes fine wrinkles, and has a lifting effect. This technique is especially loved by show business stars.

  • photo rejuvenation

    Light waves with different wavelengths play a role as a working factor in this anti-aging procedure. Note: UV light is not used. The latest version of photorejuvenation is known as IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This type of light irradiation removes the skin from age spots, spider veins, dead cells. In addition, the flashlight produced by a special device increases the natural tone and elasticity of the dermis by heating the deep layers of the skin and activating the synthesis of elastin and collagen in it. Excellent results are seen after the first session. This procedure does not injure the skin, the resulting effect is prolonged.

  • Laser skin rejuvenation

    It, like photorejuvenation, fights rosacea, hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness and elasticity of the epidermis. But that's not all: the use of lasers to prolong skin's youthfulness makes it possible to restore a natural, healthy glow, beautiful color, softness, and even microrelief. With this method, you can achieve narrowing of the pores. And all this - without the risk of complications. Laser energy evenly heats every layer of skin, repairing and enhancing metabolic reactions at the cellular level. This procedure gives a lasting effect: for several years you will not remember your age.

All skin types and the use of cosmetic treatments with anti-aging properties also pay off, but only if you approach your choice of beauty products wisely. Our Korean-made cosmetics have proven themselves very well, the application of which can be done both in the usual way (using fingers) and professionally. The second method involves the use of air brushes - special equipment, the authorship of which also belongs to our company.

Why for rejuvenation is it worth giving preference to procedures with the use of cosmetics from Korean manufacturers of natural products? There is some reasons:

  • all natural products, made without the addition of parabens, methanol, artificial colors and other harmful synthetic additives;
  • they have a rich chemical composition - contain peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and plant extracts;
  • one tool is able to simultaneously eliminate many age-related skin defects;
  • products are certified and meet international quality standards;
  • This cosmetic anti-aging procedure belongs to the non-injectable category - instead of injection, the specialist uses a strong airflow to deliver beauty products deep into the skin.