Décolleté wrinkles: correction method correction

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Hands - the girl's business card, neck - her passport, chest - international passport. This phrase is associated with the great Coco Chanel. Now it's hard to tell if he actually said it, but the fact that the arms, neck, and décolleté indicate a woman's actual age is 100% true.

Unfortunately, by paying special attention to facial care, women often forget about the décolleté area. But one day, putting on a dress or blouse with a cut, they notice that the skin on the upper chest has become flabby, covered with wrinkles and age spots. Therefore, this one part of the body must also be considered properly.

Reasons for the formation of wrinkles in the décolleté . area

Wrinkles in the decollete area can appear after 30 years. This happens because:

  • the skin on the top of the breast is thin and tender, prone to dryness and dehydration. Structurally, it resembles the skin around the eyes, which is practically devoid of subcutaneous fat;
  • this part of the body is often exposed to the sun, because in summer many people prefer the most revealing clothes. And ultraviolet rays contribute to the rapid aging of the skin;
  • Improper diet, strict diet and lack of proper care lead to dehydration of the skin. And sharp fluctuations in weight contribute to the formation of wrinkles;
  • The appearance of premature wrinkles is also encouraged by wearing inappropriate underwear, and the habit of sleeping on your side.

How to smooth the skin in the décolleté area?

The recommended procedure in the early stages of decollete skin aging.

If the wrinkles have just formed or are not very deep, then mesotherapy and resurfacing procedures are suitable.


This procedure helps to remove the upper stratum corneum, which stimulates the development of the regeneration process. The result of peeling is skin rejuvenation, obtaining a healthier and more even color, fine wrinkles and pigmentation are removed.

Peeling differs in depth and type of impact. What type of peel to use is decided by the cosmetologist after an examination.

For example, ultrasonic peels perform a kind of micro-massage that helps dissolve the adhesions of the sebaceous glands. The skin is cleansed of dirt, sebum, dead skin cells. The pores are narrowed and the texture is even.

Another healing factor in this procedure is the acoustic waves generated in the tissue. Depending on the strength of the ultrasound effect, it penetrates to different depths, increases blood flow, lymph flow, reduces fluid stagnation, swelling. Ultrasonic peeling also provides a good lifting effect. After all, under the influence of ultrasound, the muscles tighten.

Ultrasound peels can be carried out at any time of the year, even in summer, without fear of the appearance of age spots. This is perfect for people who can't stand baths or saunas. The effect after the procedure is comparable to that achieved due to the steam effect: the skin is cleansed, acquires a healthy color, and begins to breathe.

Oxygen stripping is cleaning with a directional jet consisting of oxygen and the smallest droplets of water. The gas-liquid spray gently, painlessly, effectively removes dead cells from the surface, deeply cleanses the pores. At the same time, exfoliation is not only an exfoliating procedure, but also a gentle massage that improves blood circulation and improves skin tone.

Microdermabrasion is the removal of keratin elements with air jets containing aluminum oxide microparticles. In modern cosmetology clinics, this procedure is performed on the latest generation of devices, which allow you to control the cleaning process and the depth of removal of dead epithelial cells with incredible precision. The effect is enhanced by vacuum treatment, which powerfully accelerates the process of skin renewal and rejuvenation.


This is an effective technique for skin rejuvenation, which consists in the administration of special preparations subcutaneously. Many shallow injections are made during the procedure. For injection, a syringe with a thin needle or a special injection device is used. During one session, a small amount of the drug is injected under the skin, therefore, several procedures are required to complete the course.

For mesotherapy, a wide selection of drugs is used, these can be single components or complex agents. Most often, preparations containing hyaluronic acid are used to rejuvenate the skin in the décolleté area.

The result of this procedure is the removal of superficial wrinkles, hydration of the skin, whitening of age spots, skin tightening (removing flabbiness).

Botulinum therapy

Botulinum therapy with special drugs and substances that help relax muscles. Purified Botulinum Toxin Type A, by limiting muscle contraction, helps smooth wrinkles.

The effect becomes noticeable a few days after the procedure, the results last for 8-12 months.

To get rid of wrinkles on the neck and décolleté for a long time, botulinum toxin injections are recommended in combination with mesotherapy and contour plastic.

Recommended procedures for the development of skin aging in décolleté

For real skin changes in the décolleté, more radical techniques are needed.

Contour plastic

A very effective technique for injecting wrinkle correction, which is based on the injection of a sterile solid gel - a filler into the skin.

For this procedure, fillers are usually used, which include hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Polycaprolanktone based fillers are also recommended.

Intradermal injection of a gel with a dense consistency contributes to an instant smoothing of the skin, so the effects of the procedure are immediately visible.

Thus, the filler is a two-phase filler consisting of a suspension of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres associated with the human body and a carrier gel at a concentration of 70%. Several months after injection, the carrier gel is dissolved by local metabolism. As for the role of calcium hydroxylapatite, this component initiates the formation of its own connective tissue - initiates the process of formation of new type 1 collagen fibers. The latter takes on the function of natural fillers and supporting frames. The effect of the injections lasts about two years.

Fillers with polyprolactone work the same way. Its main component is a soft, fully biodegradable medical suture material that has been used in medical practice for more than 40 years and has shown excellent safety results.

Polycaprolactone also promotes the production of new collagen, which keeps skin youthful and fresh even in adulthood. After correction with fillers with this substance, the result will last more than 4 years.

The renewal of mature skin is well promoted by polylactic acid, which consists of the filler.

Fillers based on polylactic acid, which belong to the group of biosynthetic preparations, also promote skin rejuvenation. As soon as it enters the skin, it begins to actively fill the voids formed as a result of skin aging and the loss of its own structural proteins. Once in the target area, the drug particles start the process of tissue renewal and collagen formation immediately, due to which the volume is fully filled and even deep wrinkles are smoothed out. This happens precisely because of the special properties of the molecule, which, due to its porous structure, provides the most effective collagenogenesis.

In addition, polylactic acid actively stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells. The peculiarity of the filler is that after disintegration and complete removal of its main active substance from the body (on average, this process takes 3-4 months), there are no voids left at the gel site, but new collagen and elastin. . Thus, the result will last a long time - until the moment, under the influence of the age factor, the disintegration of its own collagen and elastin begins. At this point, the procedure can be repeated.

Tests of the drug showed that three months after being introduced into the skin, the amount of collagen in it increased by 66. 5 percent. Skin looks firmer, deep creases and wrinkles disappear. The results last more than two years.

Thread lifting

This rejuvenation method consists of inserting a thread made of a biocompatible material under the skin. The threads inserted serve as a framework, eliminating flaws and wrinkles. The procedure is non-traumatic, so after that a long rehabilitation is not necessary.

To carry out the procedure, as a rule, biocompatible threads made of polymeric materials are used. There are small indentations on its surface, thanks to which the skin is fixed in the desired position. After the thread is absorbed, the supporting frame remains.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is ideal for delicate décolleté areas. This device combines laser and radio wave exposure.

The fractional laser removes dead cells, and thanks to RF radio emission, new collagen cells quickly fill their place, achieving lasting rejuvenation results.

The device, in which laser rejuvenation is carried out, makes it possible to work with "hot", "cold" pulses, as well as classic CO2 laser pulses. At the same time, exposure to radio frequencies, acting simultaneously with all impulses, significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment, deeply remodels tissues.

For each patient there is an opportunity to select the optimal exposure parameters. This helps to reach all layers - shallow and deep, and achieve optimal rejuvenating results. Thanks to the combined action of laser radiation and radio waves, the skin becomes elastic, dense, toned, acquiring a perfectly healthy appearance in just one session.