Facial skin rejuvenation method: simple and affordable

mesoscooter for skin rejuvenation

It is quite possible to rejuvenate facial skin by various methods, techniques, both using folk remedies, and with the help of the latest salon procedures. The choice of technique and method of rejuvenation depends on the urgency of the effect and on the degree of smoothing of wrinkles (minor expression or deep senile).

Wrinkles are considered a sign of old age, but the first wrinkles on the face may appear at the most flowering age. For many girls, the appearance of "signs of the times" on the face is a disaster.

According to experts, the aging process of facial skin cannot be completely stopped with the help of anti-aging creams, natural masks, and cosmetic procedures. You can only slow down this process - we'll tell you how in this article.

Anti-wrinkle massage

If the oval of the face remains beautiful, but "crow's feet" begin to appear intensively, as well as wrinkles on the forehead and around the lips, it is necessary to start a home massage course. The same anti-aging massage can be offered to you in any beauty salon, but the procedure will be much more expensive. Therefore, it is better to have your own massager - a mesoscooter, to carry out anti-wrinkle therapy every day. Take 15 minutes for the following activities:

  • Swipe with the roller on areas of facial skin that have visible or moderate wrinkles. Press the roller on the wrinkles, trying to smooth them out.
  • Do a classic facial massage to stimulate epidermal circulation.

Gymnastics for the face

Unlike anti-aging massage, facial exercises will not remove wrinkles, but will help tighten the oval, make the cheekbones more visible, and lift the corners of the lips. The essence of gymnastics is very simple: due to strengthening and growth of muscles, sagging facial skin is tightened. The epidermis begins to stick closer to the muscle tissue and the face feels rejuvenated.

Exercises should be performed 5 times a week:

  • Spread your lips with a pipe as if to pronounce the sound "Yu". Hold this lip position for 1 minute. Repeat 6 times.
  • Pull your lower jaw forward for 30 seconds until you feel a slight tension in your jaw muscles. Repeat 10 times.
  • Place your palms firmly on your forehead and at the same time raise your eyebrows firmly. Repeat 5 times.

Remember that muscles grow and strengthen slowly. To see the first results of gymnastics, you need to do the exercises for 6 months and not stop there.

Masks to improve skin structure

Porcelain smooth skin looks much "younger" than porous skin with small pimples. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to restore a healthy facial skin look. Natural masks should be used to normalize the structure of the epidermis. The acacia honey mask will help deep clean the pores, after which the acne will disappear. The aloe vera and cucumber leaf mask will refresh the skin and make the skin smooth. A lemon juice and bee bread mask will help remove the oily shine.

Your youth is in your hands!