Products that rejuvenate the skin and the whole body

Everyone wants to preserve youth and beauty, use all kinds of cosmetics for this purpose, and sometimes even surgical intervention. All this, as they say, "flows in a lot of money", but does not always have the desired effect.

facial skin and its rejuvenating products

Many people completely forget about the important role of nutrition in life and youth. And it is important to understand that we are talking about the most common foods that we consume every day.

In fact, ordinary products, provided that they are used properly, become a real source of youth and health. Of course, sooner or later, age will be felt with the appearance of the first wrinkles, worsening of the general condition of the skin and other signs. However, the problem is not only in the age-related changes, but also in the failures that the body gives due to the regular consumption of junk food by a person in uncontrolled quantities.

What foods do we usually eat?

For the average metropolitan city dweller, unfortunately, it seems reasonable to use:

  • fast food
  • semi-finished products;
  • sweet soda;
  • sandwiches, etc.

It is not surprising that the signs of premature aging, serious health problems, and deteriorating general well-being do not last long. The sooner a person makes useful changes to his diet and, importantly, gets used to it, making it a part of his life, the sooner he will regain his health and beautiful appearance.

Signs of an unhealthy diet

On the skin and general appearance of a person, they are reflected mainly, especially on the face in the form of:

  • gray shade (earthly);
  • early wrinkles;
  • permanent swelling and "circles" around the eyes;
  • hyperemic areas;
  • acne and other rashes.

Also, the skin may be too oily or, conversely, dry.

A useful set of products: what do they look like?

As already mentioned, we are talking about ordinary food, which we rush to ignore, preferring fast food, sandwiches and sodas, and snacking on the go. From such eating habits, nutritionists strongly recommend weaning if you want to restore your body as quickly as possible.

healthy product for skin rejuvenation

So, be sure to include in your diet:

  • food of plant origin. The best option is to use it raw, as it contains a lot of vegetable fiber, which is necessary for digestion at all levels;
  • sea food. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. They play a huge role in keeping the skin young and healthy for a long time;
  • enough nuts. They contribute to the regenerative processes of all tissues of our body - including the skin;
  • good quality green tea. An excellent antioxidant that protects the skin from adverse effects (eg, scorching sun, temperature changes and strong winds);
  • cereals and nuts. It is very useful for digestion, cleanses the body of harmful substances and increases the production of collagen by the skin, which is responsible for its youth;
  • vegetable oils, from olive oil to regular sunflower oil of good quality. They are indispensable for digestive function, and also speed up the recovery process in our cells;
  • sour milk products. It contains minerals that slow down the aging process. By the way, in addition to swallowing kefir and cottage cheese, you can learn how to make useful face masks from them;
  • cabbage. It is rich in sulfur, iodine and other components necessary for the skin. Cabbage can be compared to a brush that effectively cleanses the human body of all toxins and toxins. Thanks to him, the skin becomes more elastic and youthful;
  • bits. Helps cleanse the intestinal wall, eliminates constipation, moisturizes the surface layer of the skin;
  • any kind of berry (as long as there are no allergies). Berries also cleanse us of toxins, and also help to increase immunity at any time of the year, so in winter and spring it is recommended to buy frozen berries or cook them yourself in advance;
  • peppers. A natural source of vitamin C, it can be added to any vegetable salad. Eliminates minor skin problems, improves skin tone, and normalizes blood flow in capillaries.

If your skin is losing elasticity, is aging prematurely, is oily or dry, you should seriously consider changing your diet and seeking advice from a GP or nutritionist. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a vitamin complex as an addition to the main meal. It is important to remember that a complete and healthy diet, combined with regular walks in the fresh air and simple physical exercises, helps to restore the health of the skin and the whole body as a whole - and sometimes it is no worse than drugs.