The most effective procedure for facial rejuvenation after 35

The aging process of facial skin that can be delayed with rejuvenating treatments

Technological advancements have progressed rapidly in the last few decades, and a modern 50 year old woman may look 30 years old with proper care. However, the aging process still cannot be completely stopped. Fortunately, there are many rejuvenating procedures that will delay the appearance of wrinkles and remove sagging skin, delaying aging.

Aging of all living organisms is a biological and physiological process, which manifests itself in the degradation of all body parts, organs and systems of the body. Aging affects not only external changes, but also internal ones. Memory, coordination of movements, strength, mental abilities deteriorate.

In this article, we'll take a look at the main types of aging, what causes them, and what effective procedures can be applied to look younger. To understand which technique is suitable for a particular woman, you need to find out which onemorphotypeThere is.

There are four main morphotypes of aging:

  1. Types of fine wrinkles. It is distinguished by numerous folds on the face, corners of the eyes, in the area of \u200b\u200bthe nasolabial triangle. Women with this type are characterized by dry skin, which is covered by a network of small wrinkles on the face. They should expect the first signs of aging after 30-35 years.
  2. muscle type. This is typical for girls and women with developed facial muscles. Its characteristic features are increased pigmentation and the presence of creases in the eyelids and lips. Women retain youth for a long time, but then the aging process progresses more quickly.
  3. tired type. The owner looks tired with a chronic tired face. They have under-eye circles, dull skin tone with age spots. In addition, a nasolabial fold may appear. The first signs appear after 35 years.
  4. Deformation type. Women who get this morphotype have smooth skin, almost without wrinkles. However, age shows wrinkles on the cheeks and the appearance of a second chin. Tissue ptosis and facial oval displacement begin to appear near the age of 40.

Despite the fact that each breed has its own characteristics, such a division is conditional. Each morphotype can be combined with each other and have the same characteristics. Various factors, such as body weight, endocrine disorders, and other causes, can influence the changing aging scenario. When a woman reaches old age or is senile, the division of morphotypes becomes irrelevant, because all signs of aging are immediately visible.

What factors influence rapid aging?

First of all, it is worth saying that this or that type of aging has genetic prerequisites. The speed and characteristics of skin changes depend on facial muscles, skull shape, subcutaneous fat layer, hormonal activity and nutritional quality.

Unfortunately, you can't change your aging morphotype, but there are ways to buy time and also keep your skin youthful for as long as possible. It should be taken into account that there is aging not only due to age, but also due to the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

This is called photoaging. Its first signs may start to appear at a younger age, when there are no natural wrinkles even imminent. The main signs of photoaging are:

  • skin dehydration and dryness,
  • small imitation wrinkles,
  • peeling often,
  • decreased tone and flaccidity,
  • neoplasms in the form of moles and papillomas,
  • hyperpigmentation.

What procedure is suitable for each morphotype?

Procedure forfine wrinkle type of agingselected after external inspection and identification of key features. At an early age, mesotherapy, biorevitalization helps a lot. The course procedure helps to maintain the freshness and youth of the skin, nourishes it. This manipulation is also effective for dry type, dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid nourishes, saturates the top and middle layers with moisture, fills in wrinkles. The effect is immediately visible and lasts a long time. Plasmolifting is considered another effective technique, when the plasma injections themselves are performed in the facial area. After 35 years, mesothreads can be used, however, cosmetologists recommend them for certain indications, if other procedures have not had the desired effect. The practice of administering botulinum toxin is also widespread. Laser resurfacing of the skin is not recommended and in some cases contraindicated, various peels are carefully determined. At home, cosmetologists recommend respecting the type of fine wrinkles with signs of aging. Additional saturation with antioxidants and vitamins will only benefit.

Ontypes of muscle agingit is necessary to choose an individual approach that will reduce the risk of allergic reactions. This is due to the high sensitivity of the skin and a tendency to allergies. Biorevitalization, mesotherapy and plasmolifting may be suitable. Caution should be used with a variety of skins, especially those containing aggressive acids. The introduction of botulinum toxin under the skin helps. It relaxes the mimic muscles, evens out wrinkles from wrinkles and makes the face younger. Appointment procedures such as filler injection and contouring are not recommended. They may give no result at all or make it unsatisfactory.

tired typeMost anti-aging procedures are suitable, such as peeling, hyaluronic acid injection, plasmolifting, laser resurfacing and others. With mimic wrinkles present in the eye and nose area, hyaluronic fillers can be used. If there are obvious defects in the nasolabial segment, it is recommended to introduce a gel. In addition, to correct the oval of the face and tighten the skin, a bio-reinforcement procedure is used using special self-absorbable threads. They help form the correct framework, prevent shedding and stimulate the production of their own collagen and elastin proteins.

Deformation typehardware rejuvenation procedures, such as lasers and photo exposure, will be useful. Due to the fact that women with this morphotype may have signs of rosacea (spider veins), exposure to the device will help even out skin tone, tighten veins and tighten contours.

Why Initial Consultation with a Beautician is Important

Regardless of the conditional division of the aging morphotype, each person has individual structural features of the skin and skull. In some cases, type mixing occurs, the emergence of non-standard features that make it impossible to apply one procedure to all morphotypes.

In this case, before carrying out injections or biorevitalization, you need to consult a professional beautician and determine which procedure is right for you.